Wormhole City

Wormhole City is a story driven single-player sci-fi adventure game where you must interact with characters and the environment to achieve your objectives.

Wormhole City is being developed for PC using Unreal Engine version 4.10.4. Throughout the course of the game, your actions are saved and referenced depending on the decisions you make. You can interact with NPCs with branching dialogue paths to gather more information of your surroundings and for combat missions. We plan to give players a more open-ended approach to completing objectives as we release more content.

Through faster-than-light technology, opposing factions struggle for control and freedom throughout space. Play from two sides of the clash as a neurotic Space Ranger and a militant outlaw battle with conflicting ideals.

Kinetic Action, Puzzles, and Platforming
We are designing land, sea, and air vehicles with gameplay to encompass the spirit of classic shoot ‘em ups mixed with environmental destruction. Using your mouse cursor to aim, you will ultimately be able to attack in any direction while strafing to avoid damage.  Vehicle sections will be action-oriented, pilot segments will include puzzles and platforming that may require a more careful approach.

NPCs and Environments
Depending on the actions you take, NPCs may react to you differently, such as scolding you for indulging in mind altering substances before a battle. We plan to add more interactive elements to existing levels throughout development that will affect future levels of the game. Controlling squad members in future levels could have a permanent result if they perish.

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